Flying at Palava

Povolené starty v CHKO

Since the Stolova hora Hill is part of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area (PLA), there are certain limitations to flying here.

The PG Pálava citizens association (PGP c.a.) was granted an exception by the Administration of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area allowing us to fly in this area in a period of one year.

To protect our site and the pilots who fly here, flying is allowed only for members of the PGP c.a.


Stolova hora Hill is the only permitted flying site for paragliding and hang gliding in the entire Pálava PLA.We strongly ask all pilots to respect this regulation. Please, do not use any other area for take-off or landing.


If these rules are not respected flying will be outlawed again.

Thank you for understanding.


Operating instructions for Stolova hora Hill take-off

Site keeper: PG Pálava citizens association -

Operating schedule: year-round from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Vertical distance from take-off to landing zone: 120 m

Direction suitable for take-off: south-west – west, (200° - 270°)

Take-off GPS coordinates: 48 50 24.842 N, 16 38 7.256 E

Landing zone coordinates: 48 50 16.478 N, 16 38 2.078 E

Flight height restrictions: TMA IV Brno – lower boundary FL65 (6500ft = 1980m)


General rules

  2. Before you go flying you MUST register yourself at Flying is PROHIBITED without a valid registration.
  3. Every pilot must have a membership sticker during his/her presence at the flying site. The site keeper and employees of the Administration of the Pálava PLA are allowed to check the membership.
  4. Pilots and their accompanying parties are obliged to follow all rules set by Administration of the Pálava PLA. For access to and from take-off or landing zone please only use the marked walking trails. Walking outside of designated trails is prohibited.
  5. Only pilots with valid flying licenses and other necessary documents (aircraft’s technical certification, third party liability insurance certification) are allowed to fly at the flying site. Site keeper is allowed to check your membership and a valid  registration
  6. Pilots are required to follow flying regulations which are valid in the Czech Republic.
  7. Everybody is required to keep the take-off and landing area clean.
  8. Any kind of modifications to the take-off area or the landing zone are strictly prohibited.
  9. Written permission has to be issued by the PGP c.a. committee in order to use the flying site for a training by a paragliding school.
  10. For any damages to material possessions or physical injuries are responsible pilots themselves.


Site keeper: 420 774 301 330

Site keeper deputy: 420 604 233 830

President of PGP c.a.: 420 777 560 735

Emergency: 112